1745214060KOBRACAST® Art consists of flexible knitted polyester fabric combined with a thermoplastic. The bandage is not sticky at room temperature and may be stored outside of its package for several years.

KOBRACAST® Art is heat-activated (for example: water bath, kitchen pot, hairdryer at a minimum of 70 degree Celsius [158 degrees Fahrenheit]), at which point it becomes moldable. The bandage can be applied without gloves due to the fact that the material does not stick to the skin at all. The high flexibility of the material allows a wrinkle-free application, and multiple layers can be applied and adhere well. Finished pieces have no sharp edges and are extremely strong.

141392969There is no odor release at any time and no release of toxic chemicals. Due to this, it is popularly used in the medical field as a substitute for traditional plaster bandages.

After a cool-down time of approximately 5 minutes the product becomes solid and after 15 minutes it is stable and solid. The product may be cut using medical scissors, gypsum board scissors, or a cast saw and can at any time be reshaped by warming it with water or a hair dryer.

Products made out of KOBRACAST® Art are heat resistant up to 60 degrees Celsius, water and weather resistant and therefore can be used for outdoor purposes.


  • Easy to model, shows fine details and relief contours
  • You only need a cutting tool and something to warm up the material (such as a pot with a temperature gauge or a hair dryer), a towel, and if desired a tool to work the surface of the material.
  • The surface of KOBRACAST® Art is suitable for commonly used paints and lacquers.