Making multiple copies using KobraCast: start with a negative mold, in this case made from gypsum. Small pieces of KobraCast were heated with a toaster oven and worked into the mold. When doing so, don’t forget to wet your fingers, as the Cast becomes very sticky when activated dry.
- Sculpture atelier “Arttrappe”

KobraCast activated using hot air (about 195°F) and pressed into the negative mold. An interlayer powder was used to help in pulling the cast out afterwards. The result is a very lightweight head which was cut into shape and covered in fur.
- heimotion GmbH

Negative mold of dimensionally stable silicone, with KobraCast molded using hot air. Head was then covered in fur using glue and a staple gun.
- heimotion GmbH

Terracotta Warriors made for the open-air performance of “Turandot”
- Theater Augsberg