Video 1 – Introducing KCA

Introducing Kobracast Art

By Ge[Blogged]
(German with English subtitles)

Partial transcript

0:02 Hello Internet and welcome to a new episode of Ge[Blogged]
 0:04 Today we craft again but this time i have a guest!
 0:07 This is Boris from Cast4Art -Hello
 0:10 Cast4Art is an onlineshop specialised in crafting materials.
 0:12 Alot of them are very good for Cosplay. What do you got for us today?
 0:16 -KOBRACAST Art
 0:27 -To Explain the Material; it's this new modern plastic cast which athletes wear
 0:40 The Company is called K.O.B. and they thought KOBRA would be a nice name.
 1:05 Should i say something about the material?
 1:15 Yes please tell us more!
 1:17 The Material is nontoxic
 1:22 its a thermoplastic, that means you heat it up and it gets moldable.
 1:35 -just like styrene Sheets or Wonderflex!
 1:38 Like wonderflex, yes it just has a different structure because it's no sheet.
 1:43 it has a knitted fabric beneath --
 1:49 yeah the people can't see your arm!
 1:52 - with that weave fabric you can pull and stretch the thermoplastic into alot of forms!
 1:59 You know it from sheets that you can't bend it that good around the edges without wrinkles
 2:07 but this material is very elastic.
 2:09 Yay. we won't build something explicit out of it today;
 2:14 instead we want to show you all the possibilies of the material.
 2:20 Now an insight of KOBRACAST Art
 2:28 This is the material.Grid weaving, flexible, wonderful!
 2:40 There are multiple ways to heat it.
 2:44 You can put it into 80°C hot waterand after a few seconds its bendable
 2:48 It's not very hot and you can touch it safely!
 3:16 and if you ruined the material you can just throw it back into the water using some water.
 3:25 The second way to heat it is with a heatgun just like wonderflex and Worblas Finest Art.
 3:42 it gets sticky when heated this way but you can avoid that effect by using some water.
 4:08 Let it cool off for 5 minutes before taking it out of the form!
 4:22 As you can see its very accurate and durable!
 4:36 And still: put it into hot water and it's back in it's basic shape!
 4:54 And here another example: A very detailed mask.
 4:59 we just heat the Kobracast with water to prevent the stickiness
 5:06 Just work your way from the inside to the outside because of the stretchable nature of Kobracast Art!
 5:30 In between we heat it again partially, this way you can take your time.
 5:38 But please don't put hot water on your body!
 6:26 You can pull it off the form after it dried.
 6:48 And then cut away the leftovers with some scissors
 7:10 We will show you some finishing techniques in a later episode!
 7:25 Here you can see some finished pieces with Kobracast Art.
 7:29 This Hanibal mask has leather glued onto its surface
 7:33 This mask has a modelling clay finish
 7:40 The horn is hollow on the inside and therefore pretty lightweight.
 7:53 Ok, this were a lot of informations but you get the idea!
 7:59 Personally i like it more then Wonderflex because if you busted a piece
 8:05 you can just put it back into hot water and start over!
 8:09 with Wonderflex you would need to take a whole new piece.
 8:15 What i don't like about Kobracast is the rough surface.
 8:18 You need to put some effort into it to get a clean finish
 8:24 But i generally like it! And we well be doing some more crafting it.
 8:30 But now you get "Blogged" and we see you next time!
 8:34 -Ciao!

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