Video 2 – Wood Glue Finish

Kobracast Art Wood Glue Finish

By Ge[Blogged]
(German with English subtitles)

Partial transcript

0:04 Hi Internet and welcome to a new episode! Again with Boris
0:17 Today we want to show you a lot of different
0:20 Possibilities to finish Kobracast Art and other Thermoplastics!
0:25 with that I will now throw in some words and Boris will tell you more!
0:30 Wood Glue Finish!
0:32 You can use the wood glue finish to seal off Kobracast Art
0:39 Like a filler material but in the end with a thick layer which you can sand
0:44 for a clean and smooth finish. Cheap and easy!
0:54 Yeah, we showed you previously the big weaving of Kobracast Art
1:00 and this is a cost-effective way that you can easily get in your
1:05 DYI-Store. Thats why we start with that one.
1:11 Next is the finish with paper and glue
1:13 it's similar to paper-maché. just add paper and then wood glue.
1:19 This is a very fast method for a clean finish.
1:27 the drawback with this technique is that it's not as easy to sand.
1:34 -For me that sounds a little bit like elementary school!
1:38 This is really used in theatric scenery??
1:41 -Yes of course! Only because it's easy does'nt mean
1:48 that it's just for kids!
1:55 Next one is "Harto Plast"
1:57 This is a professional filler material
2:02 on a synthetic basis. It stays flexible after it dries.
2:07 the drawback is that its very expensive because you can only buy it in
2:13 higher quantities.
2:23 -This is a more exotic way to finish. But I really like it!
2:28 So when you plan to do something really big and you want a near perfect finish
2:33 i would recommend getting this stuff.
2:37 Because you can only get it in 15 KG packages it doesn't really pay off
2:43 for smaller projects.
2:47 Leather, cloth, fur!
2:49 -you can handle all of that very similar
2:52 You have the advantage that you can sew Kobracast Art!
3:00 Or you can glue it onto the material
3:05 and the advantage is that it stays very breathable!
3:16 Which is a pretty nice bonus with this material!
3:23 Even with artificial leather you get much more comfort.
3:29 and another one: Spray filler!
3:31 this is pretty exotic because it's a bit expensive
3:36 but the results are pretty great! It's a widely unknown product
3:39 but some people already tinker around with it and get awesome results
3:43 thats why we want to show it!
3:47 You see, we have a lot to come! too much for one tutorial..
3:53 That's why we do multiple parts
3:56 But let's stop talking and start crafting!
4:03 First we take our Kobracast Art mask and cut it in half
4:08 so we can show you multiple finishes on one piece
4:14 click here if you want to see how we did the mask
4:17 After that we put another layer of Kobracast on the inside of the mask
4:24 Now we apply wood glue in thin layers to the surface
4:29 Spread it with a brush. the reason to use wood glue is
4:34 that it stays flexible after it dries
4:39 You'll need 5-10 layers to get a clean finish
4:44 the thinner the layer the cleaner the finish will be
4:50 every layer should dry for 3 hours
6:06 And this is how it looks after the 6th layer
6:08 just one more should be enough
6:18 and you also see that i prefer to spread it with my finger
6:24 it just gives me more control.
6:42 Another trick when it's dry: when the surface isn't smooth
6:49 just wet your fingers and stroke over the surface
6:54 the water liquefies the surface again and you can clean it up
7:00 I suggest doing this once all over the mask for a nice finish
7:05 You probably can't see it well, but my finger is full of glue again.
7:10 you could also sand it but it's way harder then just doing it with water
7:16 Well once you painted it and spot an unevenness you need to sand it
7:22 and now the test paint job
7:30 as you can see it's a pretty smooth and clean finish
7:50 Up here we left the corner without glue to show you the difference
7:55 and all of that with some wood glue that cost's less then 5 Euro
8:01 of course you can choose a matte finish, too. or just use a matte varnish!
8:05 But that's the end of this Episode
8:07 let us know if you liked it! See you next time!

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