Video 3 – Paper and Glue Finish

Kobracast Art Paper and Glue Finish

By Ge[Blogged]
(German with English subtitles)

Partial transcript

0:03 Hi internet and welcome to a new episode of Ge[Blogged] and a new crafting video.
0:29 We will show you another part of our basic tutorial line about finishes.
0:35 If you remember i met with Boris from Cast4Art last year and we did a lot of tutorials but
0:41 I just uploaded one of those.
0:44 Now comes the next one!
0:47 This time about coating with paper & glue.
0:51 This technique is very similar to the Wood glue finish but has some advantages and drawbacks
0:56 that makes it different.
1:00 First we show you how to do it and then we talk about the pros and cons of this technique
1:06 First Step: tear a newspaper apart and throw it into water.
1:12 that was easy.
1:15 after the newspaper is sodden we put it piece by piece into the wood glue and after that
1:22 and after that onto the Mask.
1:25 Be careful that you don't put any wrinkles into the Newspaper
1:30 this could be the only source for unevenness in this kind of finish.
1:36 Also try to overlap the edges of the newspaper onto each other.
2:54 Repeat this step 2-3 times.
2:57 2 times should be enough in most cases, but the more layers you do the more durable it gets!
3:03 Instead of a newspaper you can use packaging paper as well.
4:14 After all layers are applied we let it dry for about a day.
4:20 And now we already start with the final step.
4:23 Similar to the wood glue finish we apply thin layers of wood glue,
4:26 either with a brush or with your finger.
4:31 Don't worry about the texture of the brush leaving dents in
4:35 the finish, the glue is liquid enough to straighten itself out before drying.
4:40 Repeat this for 2-3 layer, but let every single layer dry before you put on the next one.
4:46 layer dry before you put on the next one.
4:52 We only did 2 layers because the second one is pretty thick.
4:59 Sadly that led to bubbles in the surface as you can see in a moment.
5:17 Those kinds of bubbles aren't that bad.
5:21 Just take some wet sandpaper or a sanding sponge and sand the surface,
5:28 the wood glue gets liquid again and the bubbles disappear.
5:34 After that you can wipe the glue smooth.
6:01 After letting it dry again we put on the paint and can watch the result!
6:17 You can see that the result is pretty clean and smooth
6:20 and in comparison to the glue finish it looks identically.
6:26 but you'll notice the difference at touch. its a bit heavier and
6:30 more durable than the glue finish but its also less flexible.
6:36 Personally i like the wood glue finish more because
6:41 you have more control and can work
6:44 out more of the smaller details which won't work with the paper version.
6:50 But the paper & glue method has some benefits of it's own.
6:55 I.e. when you have bigger costume parts or props or even scenery parts.
7:04 it gets alot more durable.
7:07 It's cheaper than the glue finish
7:10 because newspaper and wood glue is cheaper than just wood glue.
7:16 It's way faster because you put on 3 layers at once
7:23 and let it dry as compared to the 6-8 layers that need to dry seperatly.
7:45 You don't have to use it exclusively on Kobracast Art!
7:50 You can use it on all the thermo plastics like Worblas Finest Art and Wonderflex or
7:58 you can finish your wooden props and even on expanding foam.
8:05 It's just paper it mixes well with everything!
8:09 That's it for this short episode and i hope you liked it.
8:13 If you have questions just leave a comment
8:15 and watch the info section below for more infos and
8:19 links to were to buy thermo plastics.
8:24 The rest is about some german award thingy thats not really relevant to the rest of the
8:35 world.. so don't bother and go craft some awesome stuff!
9:01 Next video will be another finishing tutorial but that's it for now!
9:07 I will see you next time!

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