Video 4 – Finishing KCA with Leather, Fur & Fabric

Kobracast Art Finishes: Leather, Fur and Fabric

By Ge[Blogged]
(German with English subtitles)

Partial transcript

0:03 Hi internet and welcome to a new Episode of Ge[blogged] today with
0:07 another short crafting video
0:09 not really a tutorial, but more of 2 tips we have.
0:13 at that we show you 2 techniques how you can finish Kobracast Art
0:20 now we show you how to cover Kobracast Art with leather, fur and cloth
0:24 We have 2 examples how to achieve a nice finish
0:28 which work out pretty fast
0:31 The first technique is just about glueing pleather onto Kobracast Art
0:36 that's pretty easy, lets watch!
0:40 First we bend a piece of Kobracast Art into a rounded shape
0:44 for more basics about Kobracast click here!
0:48 then we spread Pattex Glue around the edges of the side that goes onto the leather
0:54 On the other side we just spread the glue on the edges that we fold over next
0:59 Because we need to hold them for a short time until the glue has dried a bit
1:04 Then we fold the leather around the edges and apply pressure
1:09 Now hold it until it dried a bit and then we glue on the next part
1:57 in between you can cut away the leftovers
2:03 so you can fold it neatly
2:09 and this wraps up this technique!
2:14 You can see that it stays flexible and looks pretty good
2:27 as told, this was pretty easy
2:30 and most of you knew about this kind of finish
2:32 But we wanted to do a complete walkthrough of finishing techniques
2:36 so this needed to be included
2:39 But the following is one technique most of you don't know about
2:42 Kobracast can be sewn with a sewing machine!
2:48 it's easier than you think but you need to watch some details
2:52 We will show you on another example. Here we go!
2:57 We take a piece of cotton cloth and pin it onto the Kobracast Art
3:02 Like we on a normal sewing process
3:04 It's easier when you hit the holes of the Kobracast Art
3:10 otherwise it's getting difficult to punch the pins through.
3:27 while sewing you need to set a low thread tension, otherwise the thread
3:32 will rip a lot.
3:35 And you should sew very slowly because sometimes you will hit the solid parts
3:40 of the Kobracast Art.
3:43 then you need to move the piece a tiny bit and you can sew on.
4:21 You see that you still can fit the bracer around your arm
4:24 And you could easily add straps and buckle.
4:28 You see it's a really easy way to a good finish.
4:36 So it's basically a really hard fusible web
4:40 but it has some advantages of it's own
4:45 you could form armor out of Kobracast and still put it under the sewing
4:50 machine because it stays flexible
4:52 Or you want to build a Leather armor and don't want to spend a fortune
4:56 on real thick leather.
4:59 You could do 2 layers of Kobracast and than add some pleather.
5:07 and it will look like a real leather armor.
5:11 It's light weight, cheap and looks perfect!
5:18 The same procedure is applicable for everything with fur!
5:22 which's making a furry costume much more comfortable
5:27 because of the wide texture of Kobracast Art it's super breathable
5:32 which means that if you put on a furcoated Armor or something similar
5:37 you won't sweat as much.
5:41 that's one of my favourite aspects of this material because
5:45 it delivers such a fine foundation for costumes like leather armors
5:49 or furry costumes.
5:53 But this is the end of this episode
5:56 we learned a lot about all the possible finishes of Kobracast Art
6:00 Which means this was the last of this short tutorials
6:04 We contine with the longer Prop tutorials that Ge[Bastelt] is known for
6:24 Until then, have a good time!

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