by FurForge:

This partial suit includes a head with beautiful lifelike resin eyes, a very good working moving jaw and real antlers. It is made of a thermoplastic called KobraCast. This is a very solid material, it can be bent, smacked and won’t change shape or even break!

Head in progress:

Video of finished head:

The mesh for the vision area is not as shiny as the picture shows it, there’s this silvery tape flashing through, and the flash of the camera made that even worse. In reality you can hardly see through from the outside.

The tail is my personal highlight, it has a wire-core that you can bend in the shape you like and it’ll also swing around very nicely while walking and moving. The wire won’t come out of the foam material due to the hose surrounding it. This way you even can change or replace the wire.

Video of the Tail:

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