KobraCast is used to make the base of this helmet; the surface is finished with papier-maché, and expanding foam horns are added. Details are made from Worbla. by Lightning Cosplay

KobraCast is molded onto a styrofoam wig head covered in plastic wrap. Each half is molded separately and then joined with a double-thickness piece of KobraCast.

A flower pot and rolling tool were used to shape the neck protector. It was then pinned onto the helmet, and secured with small pieces of the cast heated with hot air. To stabilize the neck piece, wire is attached inside. For securing small areas, a hot-knife tool is useful.

Don’t forget to wet your fingers to prevent them from sticking to the cast! A rolling tool is useful for wringing out excess hot water when joining large areas.

The horns are molded over actual antlers, and the helmet is finally done.

KobraCast used to make an “eyeball” headdress.

Bracers and helmet before covering/painting.

Making a live head cast using KobraCast, and removing it safely.

Making a mold using styrofoam, cardboard, duct tape and plastic wrap, then shaping KobraCast on top. Adding the clear plastic and covering with fabrics creates an astronaut’s helmet.
by Evelyn Straulino

Shaping a helmet onto the wearer’s head. Plastic wrap protects the head, and a strip of foam is added for comfort. Strips of KobraCast are heated with hot air and shaped onto the head. Papier-maché is added to smooth the surface and the finished helmet is painted with acrylics.

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